Friday, September 5, 2014

"[T]he power boost A-Rod got from hitting in the ballpark at Arlington, one of the best power hitter’s parks in the league, was just about the same as every other American League hitter. If PEDs enhanced A-Rod’s power in Texas, why couldn’t he hit more home runs in other AL stadiums? And if A-Rod has been juicing over the past few seasons with the Yankees, how come it hasn’t worked?... Can anyone show the “blip” where PEDs are supposed to have helped Alex Rodriguez?"

Pure blaspheme. In defense of A-Roid.


Not Anonymous said...

I firmly believe he'll return in perfect centaur form and single handedly win us a world series, forcing out Randy Levine in embarrassment, leading to a new Yankees dynasty and long awaited respect for #13. Now that Meter will be gone the team is all his ;)

Not Anonymous said...

Jeter not Meter!

KD said...

couldn't they find a picture of Alex in a REAL Yankees cap?