Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Done with the Evil Empire? The week's Top 10 media evildoers

1. That Hollywood iPhone nudie picture hacker

2. Critics who say celebs shouldn't put nudie pix on iPhones.

3. Creeps who visit web sites to see stolen iPhone nudie pix.

4. People who are unsuccessfully searching for web sites that post stolen iPhone nudie pix.

5. People who are obsessed with talking about celebrities' iPhone nudie pix, which is none of their business.


7. Vacationing, golf-obsessed Obama, whose FBI agents can't seem to catch iPhone nudie pix hacker.

8. Putin (legacy appointment)

9. Asian super-cricket that devours everything.

10. Tie: Ferguson, Missouri.
That Icelandic volcano.
Live Ebola corpses who shamble through African streets spraying blood.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

6a) The leaders of the Westboro Baptist Church

Lester Gass said...

People that steal Iphones.

howdy said...

Super Cricket! On Saturday mornings this fall, only on ABC!

Anonymous said...

John M.
Who feels the need to comment incessantly on this blog and say virtually nothing of value