Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Essay question: Explain strategic and literary meanings of Yankees' move yesterday, waiving Zolio Almonte and signing ex-Met Chris Young

This is Zolio Almonte:

Age 25, switch hitter, 18 HRs at Triple A, stole 6 bases and batted .265 at Scranton. This year, in 36 plate appearances for the Yankees, he hit one HR and batted .139. Decent fielder. He stole one base for the Yankees.

This is Chris Young:

Age 30, bats right, waived by the Mets in mid-season. In 254 plate appearances, he hit 8 HRs, stole 7 bases, batted .205. Decent fielder. He batted in the ninth last night and struck out.

Essay question: Did the Yankees improve by swapping Almonte for Young? Was it a dream? Is this a drug hallucination? Is this just another final chapter for a Yankee prospect who once held promise, but who ends up producing nothing - via trade or performance? Why would the Yankees think Chris Young will outplay Almonte in the final three meaningless weeks? Should Yankee fans be excited at the thought of Chris Young reverting to 2010 form, when he hit 27 HRs for Arizona? Should we expect Young to play RF in 2015, and pencil-in a 30-home run season and Comeback Player of the Year Award? Has Cashman again showed himself to be a master of space and time, in his relentless pursuit of waiver wire treasures? Are we there yet? Will someone pinch me? I keep pressing the morphine-drip button, but the pain doesn't stop? Will any of the nurses out partying in the hall please notice the blinking light and come to my room and clean me? What is this thing called the Internet? Where is Danny Tartabull? Who is the President? Can someone please answer these questions?


KD said...

Time to switch from the morphine drip to the Dilaudid. You'll then see "hope" once again and you won't care that the nurses are partying in the hall.

John M said...

LoHud explained it all after talking with Girardi (below). Makes perfect sense. At least, as much sense as Girardi usually makes. Speaking of managers, I don't like Girardi and didn't like Torre, regardless of how much golden poop he stepped in. Can we get Showalter back? At least he knows how to build a ballclub. And for the record, Gene Michael is only 76, he might still have a few good years as GM in him. Those two guys built the great late-90s team. Been downhill ever since.

"Zoilo Almonte was designated for assignment after leading Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in home runs and RBI this season. After Almonte struggled in New York last season, Girardi just never seemed to have much faith in his ability to hit big league right-handers the way he did in Triple-A. His splits are so extreme that, despite being a switch hitter, he’s likely a platoon player at best. Last year might have been his opportunity to show something, but he hit .236/.274/.302 (vRHP .250/.296/.342)."