Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stick 2012: "Brian Runs The Show"

From a short NYT interview with Gene Michael, Feb. 2012:

Q. How are things different without George Steinbrenner? 
 A. Hal (Steinbrenner) is different than George in a lot of ways. Hal turns decisions over to the baseball people, Brian in particular. Brian runs the show baseball-wise. When George was here, he was always involved.

Alphonso is right.

Can we bring back the Stick as GM? Enough of this 'Senior Advisor' crap already.

He's only 76. 76 is the new 55. He can still be GM long enough to right the ship.

Just a couple of years, Gene. And see what you can do about getting a manager instead of a punchcard operator.

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