Thursday, September 4, 2014

Odds of the Yankees making the playoff, compared to other events

Baseball Prospectus lists the odds of the Yankees making the post-season at 3 percent - or 33 to 1.

Therefore, in this world, the Yankees have less chance of winning this year than you have...

Of getting away with murder. (2 to 1)

Of suffering from hemorrhoids. (25 to 1)

Of having a stroke. (6 to 1)

Of beating pancreatic cancer. (9 to 1)

BUT... Take heart, Yankee fans. The team has a better chance of winning than you have...

Of winning an Academy Award. (11,500 to 1)

Of dating a supermodel. (88,000 to 1)

Of dying in a cataclysmic asteroid collision next year (20,000 to 1)

Of catching a ball at a major league game. (563 to 1)

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KD said...

Presale post-season Yankees tix should be offered any day now!