Thursday, May 5, 2016

A-Rod departs, CC returns, Gardy gets x-rays, and Channing Tatum is planning a live Magic Mike Vegas show!

I'm not kidding. Last night, minions of the Yankiverse received a double-shot of joy: Victory over Buck Showaltimore and news that Channing Tatum is planning a live Magic Mike Vegas show!

Woah, easy now! Down, boy! DOWN! Yes, Kitty love to scratch! Rr-r-r-r-rrowl. But keep your hands off the Subway, Jared. The Chan Man won't be beef-caking himself - he'll direct the show, (whatever that means.) And it won't happen until next March - when CC and A-Rod are launching their farewell tours, and when we'll be anticipating the Fourth Coming of Rob Refsnyder, the Yankee Godot. 

If there is such a thing as
too much cheese, the Yankees have it.
Oooh! Oooh! Jumpin' Jehozifat! Didja know today's NY Post has a story about lowering cheese consumption without using the phrase "cutting the cheese?" They're becoming Presidential. 

Everybody is becoming Presidential, and lowering cheese consumption - without cutting any!

Last night, CC threw 7 shutout innings, bringing his ERA below 4.00. He now leads the team in wins with 2!  He could be our Bartolo. Last night, he was saved in the fifth from a two-out liner by Manny Machado that was hit so hard Jacoby Ellsbury ran in and then had to leap to snatch. If that ball wasn't directly at Ellsbury, we would have fallen behind by two - and, well, everybody knows what that means.

But it didn't go over his head. We notched three 2-out RBIs. (McCann, Didi, Gardy.) Chase Headley (.153) got a hit. Down in Scranton, Refsnyder played RF, by request. He wants to remind the Yankees he still exists. And, of course, we finished the night with a potential injury to Brett Gardner, who was hit on the elbow by a pitch.

Oooh! Oooh! Didja know Starlin Castro is currently on course to set the single-season record for hitting ground balls into double plays? He has five. If he keeps it up - (unlikely) - he'll hit 40 - beating Jim Rice's record of 36, set in 1984. But he shouldn't get complacent, because McCann has 4! (NOTE: A-Rod and Tex have three.)

John and Suzyn last night were Presidential. The Master's WinWarble sounded rather weak, considering the events: A Yankee victory and Magic Mike. I bet it got warm in that booth.


John M said...

Remember near the end of the 2015 season we were talking about how CC would occasionally turn in a gem, but we shouldn't be fooled? Exhibit A.

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