Friday, May 27, 2016

Yankees Drown Under Weight Of Money Chain

We all knew it was going to happen.

It just happened a day earlier than we anticipated.

The Yankees started their best, and longest, winning streak of the season and, " got even."  We finally were out of the cellar and sported a .500 record.  A starting place.

Like so many of our under .200 hitters;  finally a few bloopers drop in and the average crosses the Mendoza line.  A starting place.

Then, A-Rod returned.  All full of bubbles and toothy interviews, following two weeks at home and a couple of charity games at Hooters, in Trenton.  His final at bat was a signature " home run" A bomb from A-Rod...albeit, he it it against what is essentially an over age little league team that  Cashman put together as part of our great farm system.

And the word from Yankee brass is;  " If A-Rod is healthy, A-Rod plays."  They actually think he is a draw to the fans. The $25 million DH who hits about .200.

So A-Rod strides up against the lefty Toronto guy and posts a 0-4 with no RBI.  HIs presence caused a domino effect;  Carlos Beltran, our best and most productive hitter by far, goes from DH to right field.  That, despite his claims to the contrary, wears down the legs of a guy his age and weight.  So Beltran strikes out 4 times after hitting .500 during the streak, and knocking in virtually all our runs.

The domino also puts Hicks on the bench where his pursuit of a batting stroke dissipates. He becomes demoralized and starts spitting pumpkin seeds.  CC pitches a great 6 innings and is losing, again.  Lock up the Canadian Club.

Tex goes for a cortisone shot in the neck.  Our depth at first base reminds one of the back-up Presidential candidates in full debate, with FOX news.

Gary Sanchez gets hit in a dirt league game, fractures his thumb, and derails his career.  Not to worry, we must have a teenager playing catcher for us somewhere in the Dominican.

We are now 2 games under .500 and fading.  The team's confidence will soon be in the cellar.

As shall this team.

The fun part of the season, and our longest and best winning streak, is over.

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