Monday, May 30, 2016

One game below parity, a season adrift

I'm no math pervert, but the 2016 season is 30 percent kaput, and good riddance. We remain a game below baseline mediocrity - .500, statistical ground zero. Actually, we have a better record than 11 other teams. We are tied with the Detroit frickin' Tigers. The Philadelphia Phillies have better numbers. The Philadelphia Phillies.

If stats mean a goddamm thing, Carlos Beltran is on course to hit 36 HRs and drive in 90 runs, but neither will happen, because he'll tweak something. Our HR leader could turn out to be Starlin Castro, who could hit 30, unless he tweaks something. My guess is that he'll tweak something. Maybe I'll tweak something. Maybe the fabric of the universe will tweak something.

If he doesn't tweak something new, A-Rod projects to hit 18 HRs, which would leave him around 710 on the old career tab. Today, he is 7 away from 700, which will generate publicity and ticket sales, and between home runs and his Google girlfriend, we should have a least a few back pages in our hip pockets. His next - and quite possibly final - career milestone would be the 714th HR, tying him with the Babe. It'll be close. Come September, that could be what are doing: Watching A-Rod and - if she doesn't tweak something - Chewbacca Mom.

The big event on the 2016 calendar is the July 31 trade deadline. The Yankees must decide whether to be sellers or buyers. What prospects could we get for El Chapo, as opposed to what veterans can we get for Aaron Judge? The fulcrum point is coming.

Right now, the Phillies have a better record than we do. The Phillies.


Mustang said...

Yesterday's game was so good, I forgot it was only an exhibition game. (They all are, until at least 2018.)

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Tom said...

Sadly, the Yankees don't seem to be fully committed to our plan and appear to be dreaming of entering the fray for that prestigious spot in the visitor's dugout of the Wild Card game for entry into the playoffs.

And I am personally insulted by the recent resurgence of contact hitter Chase Headley. Yesterday he banged out another three singles, raising his average from .196 to a nearly respectable but still anemic .235 with five extra base hits. At this pace, he'll have nearly 40 RBI by the end of the season, and The Braintrust will be talking about how he turned it around after a rough start.