Tuesday, May 10, 2016

There is only one player in the Yankiverse, his name is Aaron Judge, and he is hot

Victory, con mucho gusto!
Last night, we zombies of the Yankiverse were aroused by Aroldis Chapman's radar gun readings, and led by 39-year-old Carlos Beltran's two solo "belts from Beltran" in a win over that MLB dynastic titan, Kansas City. I hereby say: Thank you, El Chapo and Mister Carlos. We are now 12-18 - six games behind Baltimore and Boston, but it's only May. And generally, it's sad when the most hopeful words you can summon are, "It's only May."

So pardon me if I look elsewhere for sprigs of daffodils in the looming gloom of 2016. In my life, I never thought I'd write this next sentence, but here goes: Our world revolves around Scranton.

Down on Route 81, just over the hill past Clark Summit, catcher Gary Sanchez - who is NOT the Second Coming of Jesus Montero - is hitting .282 with 5 HRs (after a bad start), and Rob Refsnyder - who may be the Second Coming of David Adams - is hitting .273 (after a terrible start). And then there is Aaron Judge...

(Wait a minute. I looked it up: Jesus Montero - now 26 - is hitting .298 with 2 HRs, and David Adams - now age 28 - is hitting .276, both in Buffalo, an affiliate of the Blue Jays. It seems like only yesterday we were waiting for them to light up the Bronx - memories that should forever blunt prospect-hugging optimism, and yet... ) 

Last night in Triple A, Aaron Judge - 6'7", 275 pounds, age 24 - hit his 5th HR in his last nine games. Judge has seven HRs on the season, tied for second in the International League.

On the season, the RH hitting Judge is batting .270 - .250 against lefties and .282 v. righties (in a totally microscopic sample size, sort of like when Trump says he's leading among Hispanic Republican women in Utah.)

With runners in scoring position, Judge is 7 for 24 (.292.) He has 20 RBIs, tied for second in the IL.

When ahead in the count, he's 12 for 35, (.373.) Behind in the count, .216.

He has stolen one base and needs to draw more walks - a lot more. He has only 11, and considering his output, Judge's on base percentage is a middling .327. He strikes out too often - 33 times - tied for 12th in the league. (In the last 10 games, he struck out only 8 times and drew 7 walks, so maybe there is an improvement. Too small to know.)

Once again, I thank El Chapo and Carlos B for last night. That said, both will be key cogs in the 2016 Yankee trade makeover. No matter how you slice it, this team does not need three bullpen closers. Unless the Yankees catch fire, one will become trade bait. As for Beltran, there is really no point in watching him patrol right field. That's Judge's future office, and - for better or worse - he might be coming to claim it.


Alphonso said...

He doesn't walk more because his strike zone, due to his immense stature, is the size of Rhode Island.

Not his fault.

Tom said...

Another guy we can count on to hit into the shift at all costs, unless he strikes out?

Hermodorus said...

And there is a story of a drink-addict at Syracuse who used to put eggs in the ground under his sleeping-mat, and went on drinking continuously for a long enough time to hatch them.

Anonymous said...