Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The NY newspapers are all over the " Yankees" for sucking.  In a stupid sort of way.

They are bombarding GM Cashman with questions about Girardi (e.g. " is his job safe?"), and about the multi-millionaires who are all hitting in the .100s with no power.

GM Cashman showed some irritation, apparently, when he said, " right now no one should be concerned about their jobs " ( why the f*** should they, because their outrageous contracts are all guaranteed?).  We have a very good team."

However, sayeth the great phoney:  "  If we don't come around soon (i.e. win some games; get some clutch hits; pitch well, play defense, etc ) I am going to bring in re-enforcements."

Talk about a joke.

 Implying that Cashman can solve anything is to stretch credulity beyond normal limits.
This mess (what we have been seeing on the field) is his best shot.  There are no more bullets in the popgun.  He has no moves to make.

Allowing Cashman to pontificate on any solution to the Yankee's malaise is like asking the devil to outline the entrance qualifications to nirvana.

What are the NY reporters doing?

Don't they get it?

 Don't they know that Cashman is responsible for the mess, and that there are no re-enforcements?  It his his damn responsibility that the team sucks.  It his failure that lets us know there are no Robbie Cano's or  Chin Ming Wongs he can bring up.

Tonight, if it isn't a rainout, we get to hear how great Severino is.

He is our last hope.

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