Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A-Rod tweaks a hammy, just as he starts to hit: Folks, we are standing on the tracks in front of a rapidly moving fate train

No sooner does he show a sign of life that A-Rod goes down.

Folks, I'll say it again. The 2016 Yankees are a team of destiny, sort of like Malaysian Flight 370.

Don't tangle with Fate.

Whether you're early
Or whether you're late,
It don't mean shit to Fate.

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Alphonso said...

I think I know when he tweaked it.

He hit a ball up the middle that the second baseman back-handed in short left field. Any other human would have easily been safe at first. A-Rod was out by 10 feet, recording the slowest home to first time on record.

That "push" to get to first caused the tweak.

Now what? Have Carlos DH and Hicks play right?