Saturday, May 28, 2016

If Tex can't play, Triple A is alive with ex-Yankee corner infielders

Today, another go at .500. Yeesh. You'd think it was Everest. Still, it's too nice outside for you to sit here and read a long, dreary post about the Yankees. But here are some exciting ponderings to ponder this Memorial Day weekend.

All Yankee farm clubs are playing well over .500. Scranton is seven games, Trenton is six, Tampa is 11 and Charleston is 13.

Our top hitter at Scranton is 28-year-old Donovan Solano, who is batting .301. He plays 3B. (Aaron Judge, who went 1-4 yesterday is mired at .248 with 7 HRs; the league-leader in HRs has 10.)

As for former Yankee corner infielders... wow... they dot Triple A. Can't help but think they could be had for the right price. The next Steve Pearce, anyone?

Jesus H, Montero, now a Buffalo of Toronto Bison, is hitting .298 with 5 HRs.

Remember mighty Casey McGehee? Went to Japan, came back, had a big year, then poof? He's hitting .287 with 2 HRs.

Rob Segedin - 3B we traded to the Dodgers for Tyler Olsen and Ronald Torreyes - he's at .311 in the Pacific Coast League (where everyone bats .300.)

Pete O'Brien - whom we traded to the Diamondbacks for Martin Prado - is hitting .306 with 12 HRs. He's still only 25, and I think he got called up to the bigs.

Here's another blast from past: Ronnier Mustellier - former Railrider who played 3B? He's .255 with 1 HR.

Kyle Roller, last year's All-Star 1B at Scranton: He's .223 and 4 HRs.

Scott Sizemore is still around, now a 3B. He's at .216.

Travis Ishikawa - played a handful of games for us, then was on San Francisco's World Series champs - he's .201.

Remember Yankee-killer Will Middlebrooks? He's still playing for Colorado, hitting .192. So long, Will.

And lastly, but not leastly - or beastily - our own Nick Swisher - .252 and 4.


Tom said...

Oh, my, yes. That certainly was a cheerful list of lugnuts to ponder. My mean-old-man outlook is dramatically improved. Thank you for that.

Local Bargain Jerk said...


Don't despair, perhaps this might improve your outlook.

I laughed in the article you reference at the use of "Jesus H. Montero". I wondered if this was something new or whether I'd just missed it in the past. I mean, once the Ice Cream Sandwich jokes arrived, pretty much all the other old Montero jokes took a back seat.

There's a little specialized Google "Search Us!" thingy a the top of the IIH home page, so I used it to search for "Jesus H. Montero".

That search yielded this result. It's fantastic; Nostalgic and timely and funny all in one go. It's enough to make any mean old man crack a smile.

Enjoy your long weekend.

John M said...

When the Yankees are on TV every day, it's always a long weeekend.

joe de pastry said...

Solarte has an OPS over 1.000 with the Padres.