Monday, May 23, 2016

The Win Streak

There is no game tonight.

I don't know who we play tomorrow night, but the Yankees are going to win the game.

Fan expectations will be far too high.  We should lose, and by a lot.  But we won't.

Because the streak thrives.

Here is my major concern;  rumor has it that A-Rod returns.  We won 5 in a row, our longest winning streak of the season, without him.

I don't think he adds anything except;  a tendency to strike out in big moments; negative foot speed; barking hammies.

Nonetheless, we shall overcome.  Our longest winning streak of the season continues Tuesday night.

We shall see .500.

So go to a movie and relax.


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John M said...

Toronto is on tap this week. Dickey pitches against us tomorrow night. Will our lethal lineup be able to hit the knuckler? Will our staff of Cy Youngs be able to quell the awesome offense of the Jays? Will this be the series where Toronto wakes up and says, "Hey, everyone picked us to win the division. Dammit, what the heck are we doing already?"

So much tension and anticipation. Remember, NCIS starts at 8 and NCIS: New Orleans follows at 9. The game will be a fine commercial break alternate.

Anonymous said...

I've discovered reruns of the "Big Bang Theory" on TBS. Something to keep you awake, if you make the mistake of watching YES.
Speaking of YES, does anyone here find Michael Kay exciting???

Alphonso said...

If I had known Dickey was pitching, I would have called in sick.

joe de pastry said...

I'm sticking with playoff hockey. I'll check in on the Bummers between innings, because I can't completely ignore them.

Anonymous said...