Sunday, May 15, 2016


Con mucho gusto!

Ivan Nova throws a nice game, after a clunker. Who'd a thought?

Okay, we used the three-eyed bullpen raven to seal a big win, a critical win. (Note: Every Yankee win is a big win, a critical win.) I get that. But after using Dellin, Andrew and the Garage Door Opener last night, what now? How many threesomes can we go in a row before our, well, A-Rod bobblehead thingy falls off? Seems to me, the beauty of having three stoppers is that you should always have one, like snakebite remedy, to use as needed. But when we use them all in one single solitary win... a big win, a critical win... well, in another era, that would be called Scott Proctoring.

Of course, we had to win that game. I'm not faulting Joe. Seriously. Mr. G had no choice - no choice whatsoever - but to empty the keg. That's what Joe Torre would have done. Run the dogs until they fall. Nine up, nine down. Take that, Mrs. Obama! (I don't get that reference either, but I'm going with it.) Can we score a bunch of runs and win a shootout? Can we win a game with Kirby Yates and the cast of Glee? I dunno. Just asking.


John M said...

The closing trio is our new Folly Floater. Every once in a while, a starter, usually Tanaka, will throw well enough to have a lead late, likely with us up 2-1 or 2-0. Then we bring in the freak show.

The trio is all we have. Lousy lineup, lousy starters (mostly), lousy middle innings relief, and lousy bench. Cashman has put together a fearsome closer cluster and nothing else. I'm not looking for a lot of 6-3 stretches this year like the one we're having this week.

Alphonso said...

This season will be the test.

How many games can a team win, scoring only 2 runs?