Saturday, May 21, 2016

Three in a row, baby, three in a row!

We have cut Baltimore's lead in the AL East down to 7 games.

We are only three below .500.

If the season ended today, we would only be 4 games out in the Wild Card.

We are the second hottest team in the AL East.

Jacoby Ellsbury has lifted his average to a team-leading .285.

Nathan Eovaldi leads the pitchers with 4 victories.

A-Rod will soon be returning from the DL.

We are 8-4 since the return of Aroldis Chapman.

Scranton is tied for first in the International League.

LSD microdosing is the new sensation.

If the right man is elected, we will soon be freed from the tyranny of gun-free zones.

The last six months have been the hottest on record - good news if you live in Syracuse!


JM said...

The photo alone is worth a Pulitzer.

Alphonso said...

Please send me a micro-dose.

Also, A-Rod still can't run. Not sure we want him back, right now.

Anonymous said...

Watching last night's game was like watching two Little League teams play.....

Anonymous said...

We started winning because young kids are getting to play.