The 22nd day of Moonvent

The 22nd day of Moonvent
Yes, there was an Endy

Monday, May 9, 2016

It's El Chapo Day in the Yankiverse

Considering his alleged crimes, Aroldis Chapman is the first player in MLB history to literally be traded in a garage sale.


Alphonso said...

We should see if can hit. There won't be a lot of save opportunities when we can't score runs.

KD said...

I say see if he can go 5. If possible turn him into a starter. he have two closers already.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't moron Cashman trade to get El Gordo (Bartolo Colon) back. He can be number two starter and also Designated Hitter. It would make life easier for the Yankee Mangler Girardi

Anonymous said...

Another question: Why didn't incompetent Girardi use Ben Gamel last night, instead of sure out Ackley??? Has anyone noticed that Girardi uses guys that moron Cashman signs off scrap heap or trades for rather than Yankee farmhands????

John M said...

Maybe Chapman should've gone into basketball. He seems to shoot well.

Bada boom!