Friday, May 6, 2016

Tanaka has a 2.29 ERA and is only 1-0; Girardi makes another genius move

The statheads who wrote that book I've been citing lately described a conversation with their team's manager where they tried to convince him their closer was more valuable as a starter or multi-inning reliever. The manager thought they were idiots and said,  "The closer is the closer, that's why he's the closer."

Which was basically the reasoning Girardi gave to reporters after losing the game by putting in Barbato instead of Miller for the 10th. Yeah, you have to save your best available, well-rested guy for when you're winning. Never use him in the most crucial at-bats of the game, because then you can't use him if you actually survive and somehow take the lead afterward.

Joe has not been given a good team to manage, but that doesn't excuse him from mismanaging. I guess Ellsbury is in center with his weak wing because he's the center fielder who's the center fielder, that's why he's in center field. And why Hicks is the one who gets to play when Gardy is plunked because his average is up to .091, verifying Cashman's claim that adding Hicks and Castro made the offensive juggernaut of 2015 only that much more terrifying.

Heck, I'm terrified. In all kinds of ways.

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KD said...

I could sense it last night. The entire Yankeeverse resonating with a collective "WTF?!"

P.S. Ells throws like a girl. (No offense to girls.)