Friday, May 6, 2016

Orioles Slam Door On Yankee Win Streak

Anyone here wonder about Joe Girard's decision to go with Barbato instead of Miller in the bottom of the 10th?

Or his choice to let Barbato get out of a possible game-ending jam when the first Oriole hitter in the bottom of the 10th reached base?

Are we trying to win games or teach lessons?  What will Barbato now bring to the one game play-in tension?

Truth is; it doesn't matter.

Even if Miller had been brought in and blanked the O's in the 10th, we lose in the 11th or 12th.

The math is pretty much unassailable.  Even though it was 0-0 ( and boring beyond belief ) through 9 innings, there was only a .05 probability ( per my formula ) that the Yankees win the game.

The Yankees have still not figured out how to win without scoring.  Or by scoring fewer runs than their opponent.  Or when we score 2 runs, maximum.  This team also can't bunt, won't bunt, and won't attempt to hit to the opposite field against the shift.

When is that charity game against the West Point baseball team?  We might win that.

As an aside;  Let's give some props to Tanaka.  Let's give some props to the catch made by
Ackley in the bottom of the 9th.  I don't think Carlos makes that play.

Note to readers:  I might have Ackley's name wrong, because I usually don't pay much attention to guys hitting below .100.  But he contributed, and no one else playing a position in the field did.

How about that Castro fella?  Go to sleep.  Get picked off.  Blow any shot at the winning ( or lead ) run.

Doesn't matter.  We lose anyway.

That's the beauty.  The bonehead moves Girardi makes, the bonehead plays our players make, the crappy players we add to the team, the worse prospects we bring up.......they don't change the outcome.

This is a fish dying from the head down.

And, as with all dying ( or dead ) fish, it stinks.

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