Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fan Letter to Mr. Cashman

Dear Mr. Cashman;

I have been a Yankee fan longer than you have been alive.

At each pivotal moment in Yankee history, one feels the need to unburden oneself with respect to  the team which appears on the field.  The team which you have built.

Let's for today,just focus on the player development aspect of your job.  The future prospects, so to speak.  It is a major responsibility of every GM, and I thought the world should get a better sense of how you have performed in this regard.

Earlier this year, we all watched a young Tampa Bay pitcher make his major league debut against the Yankees.  He went 7+ innings, if memory serves, and yielded one run.  Tampa won the game for him.

By contrast;  our best young pitching prospect ( Severino ) is now 0-6, and awaits the surgical magic of Dr. Andrews.  The team is still pretending that he has, a " tricep strain," which s nothing serious and that he need not have any procedure at all.

You still believe in the easter bunny, as well, right?

Even if you are correct for the short term, has psychiatry ever occurred to you?  Luis has to be a head case by now, at minimum. So here is a question we ( fans ) would like you to answer:  Why do our best prospects always seem to underperform versus the top prospects that other teams promote to the majors?

More recently, you brought up our best hitting prospect ( Sanchez ) who struck out twice, popped up and hit a weak infield ground ball.  He, too, participated in a loss, and was quickly optioned back to Scranton.  Need I bring up some of the names of other teams' top  position prospects, and how they  fared in their debuts?

When a prospect gets a shot, they are supposed to show something.  When they don't, it usually means they really are not major league material.

So last night, the Yankees start one of the pitching prospects you traded for to add, " length, " to our starting staff in Scranton.  Many of us howled at the idea of trading for career minor leaguers, when you announced this coup.  So we were somewhat flabbergasted to see Green on the mound in a real game.

It was stated that Green was pitching the best of anyone down at Scranton.  He got hammered and the Yankees were embarrassed 12-2.  Let's look at the logic here;  if this guy is the best pitcher we currently have in Scranton, and if he was basically a batting practice guy to the Arizona batters, what does that say about his future?

Mor importantly, about the future of the Yankees?

Our top prospect pitcher and hitter put up only zeros, and of the bad kind.  Zero wins, zero hits, zero RBIs..

Our best pitcher in Scranton did the opposite:  he put up almost no zeros ( clean innings ).

Not for one second did I think we had any shot of winning that game.  Did you feel the same way?

So you have built  nothing but false promises.

 What have you to say for yourself, Mr. Cashman?  What reasons can you give us to have any hope for the Yankees now or in the next 10 years?


Anonymous said...

I have been an "Alphonso" for some time. In addition, I have been a Yankee fan since Bucky Harris was Manager.
I agree with this fan letter completely. As I stated earlier today, Cashman is a boy in a man's job. The only reason he was originally hired was because of his Father's relationship with George Steinbrenner. He started as an intern, and has reached his level of incompetence. (Peter Principle) He never should have been promoted from his internship.

Anonymous said...

Correction=====the word "fan" should appear after "Alphonso"

Anonymous said...


John M said...

Remember, no matter how bad you think it is, it's actually worse.

Anonymous said...

This letter should have also been addressed to the idiot owners.

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

From MLB.com:

"The Yankees restocked their roster with some familiar faces on Tuesday, summoning Rob Refsnyder for his first stint with the big league club this year while also recalling pitchers Luis Cessa and James Pazos from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.

In corresponding moves, the Yankees optioned hurlers Chad Green and Conor Mullee to Triple-A, one day after they made their Major League debuts in a 12-2 loss to the D-backs at Chase Field. Reliever Phil Coke was designated for assignment."

'Nuff said.

I'm Bill White said...

I bet you'd get a written reply from the club if they could find a corporate sponsor for the letterhead. I'm sure it's in the works.