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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Deadly Spinners, the band behind the WinWarble Song, hit the big time tonight

My sons, Hart and Kyle, which you know of as The Deadly Spinners, are in a band called Sheer Mag. They play your typical eighties-power-pop-garage-punk-skuzz, which is sometimes spelled "scuzz."

Tonight, they'll make their national television debut on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers.


John M said...

I like the band, but the singer derailed me. Good luck to them, I hope they get somewhere.

I'm Bill White said...

It was a great performance. Seth Meyers is a West Ham United fan, by the way.

Tom said...

All the best to the boys in the band. I am always delighted to wish well the children of my friends. But if they actually want me to tune in, their appearances will have to come quite a bit earlier in the evening. I trust it went well.

el duque said...

They killed. See for yourself. Deadly Spinners are the boys on the right.