Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Can we do it?

The New York Yankees have never lost 100 games in their history. 

The New York Highlanders did it twice, in 1908 and 1912. The 1912 team (some of them pictured above, including, it seems, Stump) managed to slip under the 1908ers with a winning percentage that was .002 worse. 

To be fair, the '08ers did manage to lose one more game, but this was nullified by their also winning one more game. And the 1912 Stinkeroos' 55 games out of first is simply unbeatable.

1912New York Highlanders     50-102      .329      55.0 GB

The worst record posted by an officially-named Yankees team?

1990New York Yankees          67-95        .414      21.0 GB

We might have a shot at that. It depends how inept the front office and Girardi can be and how badly individual players can play.

Of course, the 1966 Yankees (the year when I started to follow baseball and the Yankees) are legendary only because of the precipitous fall from the World Series team of '64.

1966New York Yankees          70-89       .440      26.5 GB

Pretty bad, but you have to give the edge to 1990 for sheer number of losses and lower winning percentage, even though the 1966 team finished further out.

We definitely have a shot at '66. Maybe '90. And who knows? That .329 from 1912 is tough to beat, but the season is young, the team is old, and the management is floundering.

Like they used to say about the Lottery, ya never know.

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