Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pineda's Latest Bomb

I have one thing to say in Pineda's defense;

Carlos should not be playing right field for the Yankees.

That two out triple, which was followed by a home run, should have been the third out.  Anyone of major league caliber would catch it.  Those 2 runs placed the game on the runway called, " blowout coming."  In my view, both were unearned.  Both were on Girardi and the line-up he fashions, now that our big gun ( A-Rod ) is back swinging the bat.

Carlos, a decade ago, was a fine fielder and great hitter.

He just can't run any more.

Neither can I.

But I would have caught that one.

We are making it far too easy for our opponents.

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Anonymous said...

DFA Cashman and Girardi