Monday, May 9, 2016

Will Refsnyder ever get the call?

Starlin Castro may have tweeked his Willie last night. Does it matter to the Scranton Scrapper?


Anonymous said...

I just posted on a previous blog about the Cashman-Girardi idiocy. I've noticed that the Yankees give priority to guys Cashman picks up off scrap heaps or trades for, rather than farmhands, Again re last night, Gamel should have been in right and Beltran at DH. Gamel is much better hitter than Ackley

John M said...

But, but...Ackley makes more money!!!

John M said...

By the way, who's Refsnyder?

jdrny said...

It would be great if Cashman/ Girardi gave the kid the shot he deserves. Oh well

Alphonso said...

As long as we have the current hierarchy: GIrardi....and all of their hired henchmen....we have no future.

We have to depend on the kind of luck the Yanks had when Lou Gehrig was finally inserted into a game, due to injury, illness or some personal matters.

And how much raw ( good ) luck have the Yankees seen lately?

When the management of an organization is putrid, so is the team.

Want proof: Look at the NY Knicks.

Total asshole owner who inherited everything. Can't do a single thing right. Ever.