Friday, March 27, 2009

Emerson Landoni...the next Balboni?

Emerson Landoni.

You're saying: Dukie, WTF? That's not a baseball name. It's a soccer name, a Pope name, a wussy fashion designer name.

He's 19. Last year, he played 3B for our Gulf Coast League diapers-and-groupies league. He's a switch-hitter from the land of Hugo Chavez. He's tiny, 5'10 and 170. (He only rhymes with Balboni.) But lately, they've had him playing with the big team in Triple A games. Shortstop.

This guy is thinking outside his bun.

Emerson Fucking Landoni. The Smuckers jam of baseball.

With a name like that...


Kalel9 said...

During ST, they often put guys from the lower leagues with the AAA and AA teams for games until they Yanks cut or sign the other players who will be on those teams. Is Landoni really only 19? I think the Yanks are his second or third organization.

adam said...

Just FYI, "Emerson Landoni" turns up IIH, IIF, IIc as the second result on Google. Now that's good advertising.. if only somebody would start caring about who he is.

He hit .310 last year but unfortunately the kid has absolutely no power and a 1:2 BB to K ratio. Then again he's 19.

Anonymous said...

We own Landoni.

From now on, we discovered him, he's ours, he goes into the Hall with an IIH hat.