Monday, March 16, 2009

Lugo out, but Redsocks love Lowrie (except when he makes two errors in one inning)

Come listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed.

The headline in Bostonese: "IF IT'S A CHANCE, LOWRIE WILL GRAB IT"

"When he arrived at Fort Lauderdale Stadium yesterday, Jed Lowrie found a whole new world awaiting him. Suddenly, his intense competition with Julio Lugo for the Red Sox shortstop job was over, for the time being at least, and possibly for a while."

Terrible news here. Victor Lugo tore his miniscus -- hmm, at his age? --and needs surgery. Out for a month. Thus, the nation turns its lonely eyes to Jed, which is no problemo, (except for the occasional two-error inning.) Due to Boston's great system, which the Gammonites know grows organic, steroid-free prospects, they have nothing to worry about, except the occasional two-error inning.

For the record, we at IIH never celebrate a Redsock injury, which is, at the core, a lessening of the human condition. To think of Lugo strapping his toddlers into the car seat and hobbling off to volunteer in the homeless shelter -- that's what Redsocks do, isn't it? -- is sad beyond our application of vowels and consonants.

Fortunately, the young Jedi warrior is ready.

"In addition to taking reps at third base, Lowrie worked on his footwork at shortstop - although after making no errors at short last year, he made two in the same inning last week. Now it appears he may have some time to settle in at short."

All we ever hear about is the failure to develop prospects at Columbus-Wilkes Barre, compared to the Redsock ueber-grease machine. For every lost cause -- our Betances, Melancon, et al -- a Gammonite slobbers over Daniel Bard, the Redsock Second Coming of Dick Radatz.

We agree: Lowrie ia great, except when he makes two errors in one inning.

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