Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stunner: Girardi chooses .300 hitter over .200 hitter in RF

That's today's controversy.

Actually, it's not much of a controversy. Which is nice.

Nick Swisher starts on the bench. I like Swisher. He takes pitches, runs in to walls, plays music in the clubhouse and seems to have balls the size of goldfish bowls. We need that.

The Yankee resurgence of the late 1990s was based on two elements: Prospects from our system (Jeter, Rivera, Posada, Bernie) and cast-offs who were born again. (Brosius, Wells, O'Neill, Mariano Duncan, and the continual mix of left fielders.)

This year, it's Chamberlain, Gardner, Hughes, Melancon, maybe Austin Jackson, maybe Robertson and others. The main cast-off: Nick Swisher.


Alibi Ike said...

White Sox fans around here were all excited about Swisher's hustle, good humor and diva-free attitude last year, too, but that evaporated as his last name became more and more of his at-bat persona.

Anonymous said...

Nady is getting traded and needs to be started and have at bats for his value.

Swisher needs to not be given a job after his awful year last year. He needs to prove he can work to the organization.

Swisher is the starting RF for the Yankees for the rest of his career.

Ozzie and the White Sox are idiots.

adam said...

Swisher did not have an "awful year" last year -- he had an unlucky year. His BABIP was absurdly low (unlucky). He's a better hitter than Nady, and time will tell us that. The defense is debatable, I don't give a fuck, just give Swisher the job by June (trading Nady is a fantastic idea) and everybody will be happier.

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw Scott Brosius in Ft, Myers the other day but I might have been hallucinating.