Friday, March 20, 2009

Open Letter to Cody Ransom: Ever hear the tale of Bubba Trammell?


First, thank you for being a Yankee. Let me assure you that every multi-celled creature of the Yankiverse wants you to succeed. We're clinging to any hint of Scott Brosiusism that lets us avoid the juiced-up Alfred E. Newman we find every morning on the back page.

Secondly, I hope I'm wrong here.

You're about to get Bubba Trammpled.

In the winter of 2003, Bubba Trammell was a hustling, second-tier prospect who served as our CF lawn ornament before we signed Johnny Damon. He is remembered for a few early home runs, a post-season collision with Gary Sheffield, and sadly, his diagnosis for clinical depression that caused him to leave baseball for a while.

In the weeks before we signed Damon, Brian Cashman often told reporters he foresaw Bubba as our starting CF.

This, of course, was a steaming plate of Cashman's finest bullshit. He was trying to chistle a few dimes from Damon. Maybe it worked. Dunno. What it surely did, though, was remind Yankees never to believe the front office. I suspect management consultants doubt the wisdom of such styles, but I could be wrong.

Sir, expect the worst.

Right now, we seem to have too many relief pitchers. This is rare. If Cash loves to do anything, it is pull ragdolls off the scrap heap. That's how we got Dan Giese, Brett Tomko and Jeff Johnson. (And you.) Because those guys have no options, one might make this team, forcing the likes of Alfredo Aceves, David Robertson, Phil Hughes, et al, to Columbus-Wilkes Barre.

Expect Cash to pull a trade. He'll try to convert somebody into an infielder.

In the next two weeks, some overpaid slob 3B will lose his job. That team will look to dump him. They always need bullpen arms.

Don't let this get to you. Do your job. Stay focused. But don't get comfortable. And don't pose for any magazines.


Anonymous said...

Ummm . . . aren't you thinking of Bubba Crosby?

Anonymous said...

That's what I was thinking.

On the other hand, it is really only the " Bubba " that matters.

Duque deals in big ideas.

It is up to us to fill in the details.

Anonymous said...

It was Bubba Trammell.

Although, there also was Bubba Crosby.

And Bubba Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Well, no. It wasn't Bubba Trammel. Bubba Trammel wasn't a "second tier prospect" in 2003. He was a 31 year old journeyman who had never played a day of center field in his MLB career.

Damon was obviously a Red Sox in 2004. Does that grand slam ring any bells?

The collision with Sheffield was Crosby (

And from Crosby's bio on his website:
"During the Hot Stove season that year, there was talk of Bubba being the Yankees' starting centerfielder. Joe Girardi thought Bubba had the talent to be an everyday player, and wanted to give him the chance. But Cashman, perhaps realizing that if he didn't get a superstar, Torre would keep using Bernie Williams, ended up signing Johnny Damon. Bubba was disappointed, but took it well, even giving up his number 18 to Damon without asking any recompense. (Damon, being the kind of guy he is, gave Bubba a Rolex anyway.)"

Trammel did have clinical depression, but he was never anything more than a backup outfielder.

Anonymous said...

It must be that guy who is the "Shadow Superfrankenstein." He did it.

Anonymous said...

This article hurts my brain.