Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vote Now for the All-Time Yankee "Jeff"

Who is it?


The people must decide.

The power is you... the people.

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Anonymous said...

The Mickey Mouse contingent will, of course, take this election seriously and vote for Nelson.

Maybe a few earnest fans will even write a paragraph, justifying their choice. Offer up a key game or two, as evidence.

Some may even choose to cite the Yankee's continuing failure to find an adequate replacement for Jeff Nelson ,even to this day.

What a case. Irrefutable.

We'll all be endlessly impressed !!!

Jeff Nelson is, indeed , the best and most beloved Jeff-Yankee.

I refuse to participate in this shameful process.

Jeff Juden would get my vote because I have never heard of him, and Juden is Jewish in German.

I think.

I mean, it seemed that way on "Hogan's Heros."