Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Report: Austin Jackson Likes The 'Grand Salami'

Welcome to the Greatest Rivalry in Sports, Mr. Austin Jackson! His eighth inning grand slam all but just ended the Yanks/Socks game tonight.

A-Jax just cranked a 3-2 pitch over the left field fence at George Steinbrenner Ball Field to give the Bronx Bombers a 7-1 lead over the dreaded Redsocks in the last half of the eighth inning in tonight's game.

Unfortunately I was watching the game on Al-Sockzeera, also known to Direct TV subscribers as NESN, the sister company to the Bristol-run Ellsbury Schilling Papelbon Network in Connecticut. So the jack was initially dubbed a 'deep foul ball' by the ever-alert Jerry Remy. Thankfully, PeteAbe has a good in-game rundown.

The Bombers scored six runs in the frame, taking a dominating lead over Sock pitching prospect Elian Gonzalez, an upstart 16-year old signing from Cuba.

Gonzalez, a Cuban 'blue chip prospect', signed in 2000 with the Socks, after Theo Epstein sent a team of scouts to Cuba to swindle, woo and threaten the young lad into a contract with Boston.

Gonzalez was recently called the "family jewels" of the Redsock farm system by Peter Gammons, reporter for the Ellsbury Schilling Papelbon Network and former mouthpiece of The Gammonite Globe.

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