Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top All-Time Yankees With Famous Names

1. Kenny Rogers
2. John Kennedy
3. Mike Meyers
4. Bobby Brown
5. Paul O'Neill
6. Alberto Gonzalez


Anonymous said...

Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson both had candy bars named after them.

That's not only famousbut also very tasty.

Anonymous said...

I never understood why Dan Pasqua or Ron Hassey didn't come out with candy bars, too. Sometimes I would sit in the hallway near my mother's pantry. I'd imagine that the next time I opened the pantry door, I'd see a fresh box of Pasqua or Hassey bars waiting for me. In those days, I usually spent a lot of time by myself, so my mind was free to think about such things. Of course, I would sometimes eat myself into a measure of contentment (I've waged a lifelong battle with the bulge), but I never did get to nosh a Pasqua or break a piece off of a Hassey bar.