Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SUNY Bingo March Madness moment, sex harassment charge, make Top 10 List of All-Time references to Binghamton

The List

1. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller flips bird at Binghamton war protesters.

2. Outside Binghamton, Billy Martin dies in late night car wreck while returning home from bar.

3. TV nation reviles comedic "McHale's Navy" nemesis, Capt. Binghamton.

4. SUNY Bingo mens basketball team makes quick 2009 March Madness appearance, crushed by Duke.

5. Binghamton reference in 2008 Ingrid Michaelson song "The Hat."

6. Tony Kornheiser, SUNY Bingo alum, incessantly mentions alma mater's March Madness appearance, crushed by Duke.

7. Original Dick’s Sporting Goods store founded in Binghamton.

8. In movie "The Squid and the Whale," Jeff Daniels' character reads failure novel at SUNY Binghamton.

9. Science, through advanced DNA tests, identifies source of spiedie meat as human.

10. SUNY Bingo athletics department official sues college, saying she was pawed by boss and that one drunk fraternity shithead vowed to stack $100 bills on bar until she'd screw him.

(Honorable Mention: Bingo native Richard Deacon stars on Dick Van Dyke Show; BC cartoonist Johnny Hart celebrates Easter 2001 by drawing strip that offends Jews; SUNY Bingo is alma mater of one of lesser Baldwin brothers, but nobody remembers which one.)

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Anonymous said...

Billy Baldwin. Don't forget Paul Reiser, too.