Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alphonso's Luxury Box Photographed

Our operatives at sliding into home managed to outwit homeland security and transmit pictures of the new stadium, photographs that could easily help terrorists, such as wailin' suzyn, wreak havoc. They have allowed us to reprint a few in particular, to showcase the power of Alphonso's money, which is as green as the water in his swimming pool.

This is the first public airing of Alphonso's ultra-luxury box, the Neil Armstrong Seats.

He'll be bringing his glove to each game, hoping to catch one of Brett the Jet Gardner's titantic shots.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


You and A-Rod are invited to opening day in my luxury box.

We'll have white flour tortillas, yucca jims, and tequila shots.

Also, everyone gets to wear a mask of their favorite person.

I will either be wearing the mask of the AIG guy who approved the latest bonus round or a full body replica of Ian Kennedy, relaxing at home, in Columbus Wilkes Barre.

There is no TV in my suite, but we will have John and Suzyn on radio.

Because I have an obstructed view of the left field corner (not to mention right field and the pitcher's mound), listening to the pinpoint accuracy of J&S 's radio broadcast will be key to our game enjoyment.

Let me know when you will be arriving. And please twitter A-Rod. You'll find him looking in the mirror.