Wednesday, March 18, 2009

John, Martin top list of All-Time Yankees With Two First Names

1. Tommy John
2. Billy Martin
3. Mel Allen
4. Gene Michael
5. Joe Gordon
6. Roberto Kelly
7. Jack Clark
8. Chad Curtis
9. Jeff Nelson
10. Felix Jose

(Also Receiving Votes: Dale Murray, Bob Melvin, Mike Morgan, Scott Bradley, Brett Jodie, Matt Luke, Jerry Kenney)


Anonymous said...

Top 10 hyphenated nicknames.

Anonymous said...

What about Ian Kennedy?!

Anonymous said...

Shane Spencer? Babe Ruth? John Sterling?

Anonymous said...

I've got more...Willie Randolph, Sparky Lyle, Reggie Jackson, Elston Howard. Man, i love these lists but you guys dropped the ball on this one! You could even add Joe Torre and Michael Kay in there

Anonymous said...

I thought of Elston Howard, but Elston is not a first name.

Good ones, though.

Anonymous said...

Now announcing:

Bob Sheppard.

But only if you work for Fox News.