Saturday, March 20, 2010

In a mirror universe, Marcus Thames is Jon Weber

A while back, Marcus Thames was banging home runs for the Norwich Navigators, but on a ticket to -- Hartford, maybe. The scouts didn't like him. He smacked one off Randy Johnson in his first major league at bat, but -- hey -- the scouts didn't like him. Something in the way he smiled did not attract them like no other.

Thames has put together a fine career, but it's starting to contract: Ashes to ashes, Yank to Yank. So here he is, maybe in possibly his last major league season -- certain to make the team over the Marcus Thames he almost was: Jon Weber.

Weber was signed off the Shelley Duncan waiver wire from the Cincinati Reds, where he hit .302 for the Triple A affiliate last year. He is destined for Scranton. He is 32 and never played in the majors. In Tampa, he has been the best hitter we have.

Unfortunately, for Weber, he bats left-handed. For him to make this team, realistically, either Curtis Granderson or Brett Gardner have to get hurt - and maybe both do. Short of waiting for a Bubba Crosby-Gary Sheffield moment, that shouldn't happen.

Wish we could find a spot for this guy. The Yankees should be strong in every category this year -- except Cinderellas.

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Rob A from BBD said...

Spring training stats don't matter. He could be hitting 1.000 and still suck.