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Monday, March 14, 2016

Cover for me, boys. I'm heading to SXSW

I'm going to see the best rock'n'roll band in America: SHEER MAG (which today was named BEST NEW ALBUM on Pitchfork.) 

And last week made the New Yorker. And Rolliing Stone.

Not to mention this.

On this website, you know them as THE DEADLY SPINNERS, makers of the one and only WinWarble Song. 

(My reporting may be spotty. Cover me, folks.) 


manx said...

I went to listen to Sheer Mag on Spotify and no luck. Then I went to search for tour dates and saw none in Colorado. Will Sheer Mag Tour 2016 be following the Sterling/Waldman campaign around the country this summer? I'll have to hope that while the Yankees are at LoDo, Sheer Mag will be playing the famous Blueburd on Colfax while the John & Suzyn Tour makes its Colorado/Minnesota swing in June. WinWarble Song everynight the Yankees win. On another note there is a city in Colorado named Sterling and a ski run at Winter Park named Sterling Way.

el duque said...

That's the crazy part of all this. Sheer Mag self-produces all its stuff, so they're not on Spotify, they're not in iTunes, they're not on - no twitter feed, no website, no Facebook page - nada. Only find them on Bandcamp. They do have a Pandora channel - (don't know how that happened to be. Me know nothing.

JM said...

We're 3-8. Whoo!

Have fun, Duque!