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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Let The Games Begin

I am a beneficiary of the " early release" program in Arizona, although I missed most of the spring training games while painting yellow stripes on two lane roads going nowhere.

Yesterday, with a cool cocktail at the ready, I did get to watch Yankees vs. Orioles.  You know, the game that got late, early.  I think the Birds had 11 and we got 2 in the second inning.

But here is the dirt:  I had a great deal of pent up interest when I turned on the set and the Yankees were coming to bat.  Then, I realized,  I was about to see was the heart of the Yankees 2016;

Brett Gardener
And then ( if anyone got on) A-Rod.

Suddenly, I was bored and totally uninterested,  And those emotions proved true.  Gardy hit a medium liner to SS for a quick out; McCann hit a deep fly to nowhere; and Tex ( I was mostly asleep here )  grounded out to FB.  What a show!

Then, I got to see Refsnynder make the second of his two errors at third ( one was changed to a hit ….off his chest ), and another scorcher between him and the bag for a double down the line.  Truth is;  Greg Nettles would have made all those plays.  So, unless Refsnyder gets to be DH ( because A-Rod looks useless ), he is going down to Scranton, and soon.

Basically,  we are left with nothing of interest, or very little.

The kid from the Cubs, playing second.

And Austine Romaine ( I like the lettuce more than his name, so he will remain a vegetable to me ) looked like he has given up trying to hit major league pitching.  What a lame strike out.  Did he have a golf date?  A date, date?

So we have a season to look forward to that will display very little Yankee offense; average defense;  a shaky starting pitcher group;  world-beaters as closers  ( we'll need them how often in 11-2 games?) ; no set-up person upon whom we can rely ( I see a series of no names failing here ); and a team that generates no hope or excitement. Shall I saw it?  The baseball interest in NYC is the Mets.

Watching the Yankees will be like watching a bunch of bureaucrats arguing around a conference table about bicycle lanes.

Unless, that is,  we see so many injuries that some young person is forced to play.

Unless, that is, I am dead wrong.

Good chance of that, right?


joe depressed pastry said...

I'm afraid you're right this time.
On the bright side, I expect watching them will cure my insomnia.

JM said...

Wait, didn't you just describe last year's Yankees?

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Suzyn just announced that Scranton "looks to be a pretty good team this year"

Anonymous said...

...WE CAN'T HIT...