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Friday, March 18, 2016

Searching for life in the Yankiverse: Refsnyder and Severino are doing it, Slade is not

First off, there is no Yankee god. Greg Bird's shoulder injury proved that we are fans on a large barren stone, hurtling through a dense and lifeless Yankiverse, searching for meaning within our own delusions.

I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Secondly, Rob Refsnyder is having another fine spring - last year, he hit .364 - but we all know that - because this is a godless solar system - it won't keep Refsnyder from another trip to Scranton. As sure as Goose Gossage is voting for Trump, the random sequences that rule the dark Yankiverse will conspire to send him to Triple A. He could rescue puppies from a burning pet store; it wouldn't matter.

Thirdly, Luis Severino remains on course to be the most important pitcher - if not player - on the 2016 team. I hate to heap pressure on a rookie - (is he still technically a rookie?) - but every hopeful 2016 projection revolves around Severino becoming a solid starter... even an ace.

Finally, Slade Heathcott remains missing in action, and it's time to call 9-1-1. On the spring, he's batting .048 with nine strikeouts in 21 at bats, and yesterday, to top it off, he missed the team bus and was scratched from the starting lineup. I don't know what happened. Heathcott did make it to the game. But he's definitely blowing his shot at the team - if he had one - and one of these days, the bus he'll be boarding will be to Scranton. I hope he doesn't give up, but from the cheap seats, he looks like a demoralized player with a bad track record when demoralized.

Here's the Yankee Indian Point Power Report, with not much to report.

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