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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ninety degrees in the shade

AUSTIN _ Not kidding. Ninety. I'm the only guy in Texas wearing pants. Sweat puddle on my T-shirt, which I carefully selected for this event. It says: VADER WAS FRAMED. When people ask, I say, "Obscure cultural reference, you're too young to get it." They move on. For a half hour, we sat under a tree outside a bar called Javelino's and watched a guy with his head wrapped in a t-shirt try to pick up every woman entering in the place, and then tried to steal someone's backpack. Class act.

Met the band in a food truck court around 9 o'clock and then found a place to eat called Moonshines. Chicken fried steak. My head really hurts.

Music everywhere. No parking anywhere. Crowds in the street. The band drove in from Denton. They play this evening, then they might do a free, renegade 2 a.m. concert on a bridge later. They did it last year. Not sure if I'll be up that far.

David Price pitches against us tonight. Not sure which I'd prefer to see - (Clarification: What I'd like to see, I can't print, because it would go against the happy-talk tide of good sportsmanship.) - Price waist a good outing or get hammered. Need to channel Bill Murray from "Meatballs:" It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter.

OK, I'm going to live this festival with a new mantra: What
would Trump do?

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Parson Tom said...

Shiner Red Ruby will cure what ails ya.