'51 Yanks solve Mariano, take 2-1 lead over '98ers in G.O.A.T. World Series

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Pauly's baserunning blunder...
Superchief wobbly in fifth...
Did Torre bring in Mo too early?
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Knobby's drive falls short; it's a small ball series!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The way it should be

The Big Three hit, nobody makes an error, and the game only lasts 5 innings.

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Parson Tom said...

You want to know The Way It Should Be? Try this:

Sabathia just pitched four innings, gave up 3 hits, 2 walks and 2 runs in 4 innings, which is about consistent with last year's awful standard. And if he had made it into the 6th inning, I can assure you that he would have been lit up like Rockefeller Center at Christmas.

Meanwhile, Bryan Mitchell is mowing them down:

"Mitchell, whose mid-90s fastball has excellent movement, has allowed just one run on six hits and one walk in 142/3 innings. He has struck out 11."

Why isn't Mitchell going to start? Let C.C. work out his problems in the bullpen as the mop-up man or LOOGY. If he can't swing it, let him go away. You gotta pay him no matter what. The big decision is whether you're going to let him ruin a lot of games for you.

Just as in politics, money messes people up.