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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Question of the day

From Joe formerly of Brooklyn:

A good Vegas under/over "Number" bet would seek to answer the question -

"How many regular season Yankees games will Tanaka, Pineda, Eovaldi, Sabathia, Nova, and Luis start - combined - in 2016?

That's 6 guys. There are, you know, like 162 games.

Put the number at 135 for the sake of argument. Would you bet the Under or the Over? 

1 comment:

el duque said...

I'm thinking Tanaka gets 25 starts. Pineda gets 25, Eovaldi 30, Sabathia 15, Nova 10, Severino 20... that's 125. More than 30 starts still unaccounted for. Who the hell do we have at Scranton again? Is Vidal Nuno still around?