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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We are baseball's wealthiest team, and we couldn't afford one free agent?

Today, Forbes published its annual rankings of MLB franchises, according to value. Once again, the Yankees top the list - at an estimated worth of $3.4 billion.

Keep in mind: This does not include the YES Network, which was valued higher than the Yankees, last time Forbes did the math. A few years ago, the Steinbrenner family sold the majority interest in YES to Rupert Murdoch. It still owns a chunk, along with New York's pro soccer team.

The Steinbrenners are billionaires... pretending to be millionaires, so we'll feel sorry for them.

Years ago, I rejoiced over lists like this, because it meant the team would sign more star players and always compete for pennants. Even if we didn't get every free agent, we could always afford the best scouts, coaches, managers, administrators, etc.

What we have assembled, though, is the world's foremost selection of sycophants.

Yankee management is a country club, from which no commodore - regardless of his record - can ever be expelled.

And the team couldn't afford one free agent, not one, because Food Stamps Steinbrenner wanted to squeeze a few more thin dimes from the fan base.

The Yankees this year look like a wild card contender. Add David Price, and they would be clear favorites in the AL East. Add Yoan Moncada, and their farm system would be ranked among the top in baseball.

The owner does not care. He must have been adopted.


joe disgusted pastry said...

Hal has his team on a maximize profits budget: be good enough to be in the race for 2d wild card, to draw the gullible to the ballpark, without spending the extra needed to seriously contend for a championship. So I'm adjusting my budget to delete spending any money at YSIII.

Parson Tom said...

BREAKING NEWS: A-Rod will retire after 2017 season, which, coincidentally, is when his contract expires.

What a maroon! Didn't anybody ever show that guy how to negotiate. I'll bet he could get another 10-year deal out of the Yankees if he played his cards right.You know, a few home runs in May and he'll be off to the races.

Now his great-great-grandchildren will probably have to live in suburban housing. What a shame.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I'm with Joe Pastry, NO spending money at YS this year, this is my feeble 'barking at the moon' protest!
I tried this out last year, thought I might buckle in April when they went on a tear, but held out. I hate to say that it felt good, and, I enjoyed even more games with The Master!
When $hallow Hal ponies up, so shall I,,,,,,,,,,