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Thursday, March 10, 2016

To Johnny Damon, Trump's War on Immigrants is About 'Paperwork'

Johnny knows walls.
Is Donald Trump a racist? Ask Johnny Damon, who yesterday announced his support for the moldy circus peanut:
"Everyone is calling him a racist. He just wants people to come into this country legally and fill out the proper paperwork."
Meanwhile, The Nation's Dave Zirin notes that working broadcaster Paul O'Neill's endorsement slaps Latino players in the face.

This year, current and former Yankees will make up a large and mockable cohort of political participants. I hope.


JM said...

That Damon guy looks kinda...for-een to my eyes. Does he have the proper paperwork? Like, a green card or somethin'? Was he born in this country? Because he shore don't look like he was.

These here ballplayers, they know what's good for the country. That's why they're millyunaires. They love this country and that's how they become successful. The country just loves 'em back.

Exceptin' that Damon feller. I don't know, he just looks kinda Chinky or whatever. Might wanna build a nice wall around his mansion, keep him outta the U.S. of A. until we check him out.

Sayonara Kid said...

No... Not Paul... Not Paul...