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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Boston can't wait for it's last shot at A-Rod, but payback is coming...

Over the next three nights - Alex Rodriguez last road trip as a Yankee - the so-called "Redsock Nation" intends to subject A-Rod to an unprecedented barge-load of excrement. So be it.

That's their right. There is no federal law banning assholes. The U.S. Constitution allows us to spew unmitigated bile upon our enemies, regardless of who they are.

Tonight, they can boo, they can hiss, they can shout obscenities, they can unleash their bullpen security thugs, and they can even send out their little runt mascot Jason Varitek to throw punches, while wearing his protective mask. Why not? They've done it in the past.

This is an organization that has been complicit in U.S. torture flights.

It feeds its own fans prison food.

It told Curt Schilling to use PEDs.

It uses White House ceremonies for commercial gain

It owns the very newspaper that covers it.

It gouges fans. It befriends the repulsive, joke-stealing Dane Cook:

So be it. Fish gotta swim, haters gotta hate.

But we at IIHIIFIIc have something planned for our friends...

Oh, yes...

Coming soon...

We. Have. Something. Planned.



JM said...

Really, really, really hope A-Rod takes one last dose of magic sauce and parks a couple at Fenway. Oh, would that be great.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

John M:

I couldn't agree more. The best thing in the world would be for him to hit a few this week and then get #700 in his last at-bat in Fenway.

Unfortunately, however...that's not the way to bet.

KD said...

They'll probably throw at him again and we will sit back and take it. I am hoping for a bench clearing brawl. but that's just me. I'm an asshole Yankees fan.

Mustang said...

John M, you got the right idea. No one's going to drug text Alex this week. He needs to Hulk out for the team.

Kyle Farsnworth's Tears said...

And, uh...speaking of the Red Sox: https://sports.vice.com/en_us/highlight/curt-schilling-vows-to-run-for-president-because-the-waters-fine/?utm_source=vicesportsfb

Anonymous said...