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Pauly's grand slam leads 13-7 rout
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Series tied 1-1!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We Have A Future, At Last

August 9, 2016.

I have returned, having paid my debt to Royal Society and Heraldry.

 I drank uncommon amounts of " bitter" at 13th century pubs ( what that means is one stone in a collapsing wall near the pub dates way back....as if I could tell ), and ordered four shots of vodka, over ice, at the Buttery.


I left the continent at a good moment.  The Yankees did the right thing.  I give credit to this blog and every single one of its participants...readers and haters. Your voice, our voice,  was loud and relentless.

The Yankees had to declare their version of Brexit.  They had to own up to the reality of the need to RE-BUILD.  No more dancing with terminology, no more quick fixes.  No more doing things, " the old Yankee way." Be a seller.

And it happened.

So take a bow, all those who ever read a word on this site.  Fine work.  Smart baseball people live here.  We love you all.

The Yankees now have talent aborning.  Something we can all look forward to enjoying.
We have young guys, with high-end potential, in the line-up.  And at Scranton.  And lower down, as well.  Accordingly, we can today breathe a sigh of relief, and bask in the patience required for "named prospects" in the A leagues to develop.

To hell with Cito Gaston,  Mason Williams, and Dante Bichette.

 We used to obsess with hope than one of them, at least, could become respectable.  Now, I say give them each a stern talking to;

"  e.g.  "Dante, you are an over-paid, overblown failure at baseball.  You have one month to show the world you are of star caliber, or we are sending your resume to a number of roofing companies in Kansas. Be sure to wear your safety harness."  Enjoy your baseball memories.  We certainly shall not.

No more dreading the same old crap.  The same failures. The same underachievers.  No more reading that the Yankees have nothing in the farm system.  No more laughingstock are we.

I say, that's a victory.

I say, that's a future worth waiting for.

Hip.  Hip. Hoorah.

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