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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Waiting to Hear What John & Suzyn Have to Say About All This

Will update once the Pregame Show is underway.

While we're waiting:

12:33 -  Dead air. Has MLB radio stopped running the Pregame? This isn't turning out like I wanted.

12:40 -  The broadcast at last! Commercials, anyway. So many commercials.  Here's John talking about the the Oyster Bar. I once had drinks there with Alphonso. A treasured memory.

12:43 -  Admiration on the label means quality on your table. 

12:44 - Suzyn is interviewing A-Rod in a quiet, funereal tone. "This is a tough day for you." "Is it amazing to you that in two years you've turned everything around?" "Is [helping young players] something you can be proud of going forward?" She's going after him with both barrels. Trump's right about the press! 

12:51 - After a lot of commercials, John came on with a sponsored promotion about league batting leaders. Now, more commercials. I'm remembering why I never listen to the Pregame Show. "Energy to power your world. Additional terms and conditions may apply."

12:55 - Yankees theme music under the Reading of the Endless List of Sponsors. We must be nearing game time.

12:57 - Suzyn, sounding cheerful, welcomes us and reads the starting lineups, sponsored by Fancy Feast.

12:58 - Mike Francesa himself reads an ad for a car dealership. That had to cost.

1:00 - Suzyn reads the pitching matchups, brought to you by Chock Full O' Nuts coffee. Keys to the game sponsored by your Tri-State Volvo Dealers. Defensive alignments sponsored by Black Bear franks and deli meats. Battery sponsored by some battery company. The umpires' alignment sponsored by holy shit, she's going too fast. Game time temperature sponsored by somebody. Now Suzyn calmly explains the A-Rod situation. She is having a surprisingly easy time living with it.

1:11 - John calls the day "momentous," then admits "I'm in an odd mood today." After Suzyn points out that A-Rod never used the word "retirement" and could play for another team, John says, "I have to look at rosters. That's how I do it." He can't think of a team with the right composition to benefit from adding A-Rod. But he wants him to get to 700 dingers. Still, John and Suzyn are both excited about A-Rod's possible role as a Special Adviser reporting directly to Hal, "like Reggie reported to George."

Well, that was dull.

Update: Suzyn won the day. Long mocked by radio sports zoos for the emotion she brings to her work, the veteran broadcaster reported on A-Rod's sacking from a cool distance. Is she tired of bros shitting on her for having feelings? Does she dislike A-Rod anyway? When so much of her work has centered on player emotion, is it sexist to wonder how Suzyn feels?


I'm Bill White said...

Suz should have her own reality show.

ranger_lp said...

Well maybe it's their own mortality they are thinking about as the rumor going around is that John and Suz last rodeo and they are retiring next year. Do the Yanks have a day for them next if they hang it up? Do they get golden microphones? Were they ever tested for PEDs for that matter since John never missed a game?

JM said...

Suzyn's only PED came in a scotch bottle. God bless her.

Nickname Damur said...

Amen and good night