Monday, August 1, 2016

Mr. Cashman, tear down this wall

Yesterday, across the fractured reality known as the Yankiverse, oppressed fans stood blog-to-blog in agreement and - for the first time in years - blathered hopefully about this sorry franchise.

Today, we have until 4 p.m., E.S.T., - I'll miss Judge Judy - for the Retrieval Empire to do the right thing.

And the right thing is to sell... sell... SELL...
It's the right thing for management, for the players, for the fans. What the hell... SELL.

For management: Frankly, I'm amazed by the free-pass given to Brian Cashman yesterday in most write-ups on the Andrew Miller trade. Suddenly, he's being hailed as the visionary, the exec who has changed the long-downward spiral of the Yankees. Everybody seems to have forgotten that Cashman's signings - and failure to build a minor league system - got us here. Not even yesterday's trade for Tyler Clippard - which should have reminded everyone of one of the worst deals on Cashman's ledger - flagged discontent. Everywhere, the paid courtiers and staff cheered their Yankee overlords.

So be it - as long as Cash keeps churning. Everyone knows the Yankees need to change, and if he brings builds a team that wins multiple championships - he'll shut up Alphonso and me, once and for all. For the first time in his Yankee career, Cash can crawl out from under the notion that the Yankees buy pennants. He can make his own bones. This is his great chance.

For the players: Carlos Beltran needs a pennant race. It's not dishonoring Beltran to send him to a city where games actually matter. Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner have become speed players with declining speed. We now have eight young outfielders within a year of replacing them: Frazier, Cave, Williams, Gamel, McKinney, Judge, Austin, Fowler.) We once thought Brian McCann could finish his five-year stint at first base. But the guy can't hit .230, due to over-shifts. Send him home to Atlanta. Send CC back to Cleveland. Tex? Let him choose his past destination. A-Rod? Whatever. Let these seedlings go back to where they were originally planted.
Yankee fans yesterday, watching Tampa game.

For the fans: It's all about the sick feeling I get when Ivan Nova starts. If he pitches well, who gives a shit? Most Yankee fans would swim the Hudson to see him gone. Who cares what we get? Wouldn't you rather see Chad Green, or Luis Severino, or Chance Adams or Dietrich Enns, or anybody with a future? I see August and September arriving, and I'd love to know if Tyler Austin's year at Scranton is for real. If so, he and Greg Bird can compete next spring. Likewise, as soon as Aaron Judge fully returns from his knee thingy, bring him up. Who wants to see any more of Aaron Hicks? When your right fielder is batting ninth, something is fundamentally wrong.

We have until 4 p.m.



JM said...

Yesterday, in the wake of the closer clearing, Joel Sherman tweeted that Cashman still had hopes for Hicks, saying "sometimes you have to go through fire" to get the performance you were hoping for.

He still doesn't get it. And the free passes he gets are nauseating.

Parson Tom said...

Even more sickening is the pompous victory tour Cashman is conducting. From LoHud:
“You could exploit this market pretty strongly if you were willing to delve in those waters,” Cashman said.

Fuck you, Asshole! You just gave away an exciting pitching prospect, Campos, for a washed-up middle-inning reliever that you previously traded away just before he became good, Clippard.

On top of that, it's not like our farm system is suddenly the best or that any of these players we've been stockpiling in SWB -- none of whom has a place to play in the Bronx for two or three years -- is considered "can't miss". From the NYT: "Shortstop Gleyber Torres, the prize of the Cubs trade, was 27th in Baseball America’s midseason rankings of the game’s best prospects. Frazier, an outfielder, ranked 21st, and Sheffield, a left-handed starter, ranked 69th." And Judge, Sanchez and Mateo are all in the mid-20s and higher. I don't see Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada in that group. Maybe a Brett Gardner and a Matt Nokes. Woo-hoo!

No, if you want to find a future Jeter, you've got to go to Rhode Island to find "Yoan Moncada, who signed with Boston and now may be the best player in the minors." (NYT)

The Ass Clown twins, Cashman and Steinbrenner, have run the most renowned sports franchise -- and most prosperous and valuable -- into a decade of incompetence and mediocrity. The World Series win of 2009 is tainted by A-Rod's stupidity and the contracts that management refused to shed when they became anchors on the team's performance.

I'm sick of this shit. (That's not to say I'm done with it, just sick of it.)

Anonymous said...

Well put, Tom!!

Anonymous said...


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