Sunday, August 7, 2016

You're Gonna Miss A-Rod

As the end of his playing days appears,
I need to ask: Whither A-Rod?
There’ll be no other player left at his tier
On whose neck you can gleefully trod.

No gaffes to rehash, no mistakes to cheer,
No insinuations on his bod,
No schadenfreude thoughts to slur in your beer
That he’s a bum, a starlet, a fraud.

You won't see Alex this time next year, 
And the absence you’ll feel will be odd
Til you choose someone else, with your conscience so clear,
And condemn him like an Old Testament God.


I'm Bill White said...

"You are seeing the greatest of all time, and that is worth your time. Every time."

Al Trautwig
August 7, 2016

Parson Tom said...

It would be sweet if ol'A-Rod could bang one or two off the wall at Fenway this week, like he did after dickhead Ryan Dempster plunked him or like he did back-to-back with Sheffield way back when.

He was always a frustrating guy to root for because he was always so vainglorious. But boy, he sure could hit the ball hard from time to time.

JM said...

Nothing would make me more satisfied than Alex DHing the rest of the week and nailing the four home runs he needs for 700.

Just to go out in a blaze of glory and shut up the schoolyard cheater crowd.

ranger_lp said...

It would be great for Alex to hit a HR in his last at bat on Friday. Yeah he cheated, but many others have cheated as well. Some of those cheaters still play today (someone DH in Boston comes to mind). Unfortunately, he has been the cheater scapegoat for all of baseball and it hasn't been fair to him.

The Sayonara Kid said...

I don't understand the nuances of this deal. Why is Friday his last game? What does the team gain by "releasing" him and then bringing him in house? Addition by subtraction? Does his salary come off the luxury tax books? Also, there's no way in the world he's stepping away before reaching 700--one way or another.

Anyone read a link to a piece that analyzes all this?

ranger_lp said...

@Sayonara Kid I'll take a crack at it...

Friday is his last game because Alex and Hal S. agreed to it. They agreed to part ways as a mutual agreement.
The team gains a roster spot by releasing Alex. The Yanks are playing with 24 men as Alex couldn't hit a beach ball at this point in his career. They created the Advisor's role to save face to both Alex and the Yankees organization. Besides, Alex does like to interact with the younger players so when spring training comes along he can mentor the younger players and also do some scouting as well. Sort of what Reggie Jackson does for the Yanks presently.
His salary does NOT comes off the luxury tax books.
Yes way he is stepping away before 700 because, let's face it, he can get around a fast ball no longer.

That's pretty much it.

The Sayonara Kid said...

Thanks @ranger. Makes sense when you put it like that. Something still smells a little off, but it could just be that my bullsh*t detector is hyper-sensitive these days.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

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