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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"If you think the white-guy grievance movement will die after Donald Trump's likely landslide defeat this November, think again. There will be plenty of filterless, self-pitying dunces to carry the torch in Trump's place. (Curt) Schilling is a leading candidate."

The Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi dishes on Catsup Curt's plans to become the next Trump.

Schilling should wake up every morning and compose a five-page letter to God thanking him for the American white-guy lifestyle jackpot. Instead, he's consumed with bitterness over the raw deal he thinks people like him have gotten.

That the guy squandered $75 million of taxpayers money from Rhode Island doesn't even faze him. Amazing.

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Parson Tom said...

I got a white-guy grievance: Joe Girardi is an idiot.

So, top of the 7th and Gardner leads off and gets on base. Didi comes up and immediately sacrifices, leaving first base open. Guess who's coming up next: The hottest hitter on the planet, Gary Sanchez, whose immense offensive talents should not be wasted or jeopardized as a catcher, even if he can throw everybody out.

With first base open, Sanchez is intentionally walked.

So, Teixeria comes through with a single to left, but still, as an angry white guy, I maintain it's a mistake to waste an out with your second best and best hitters coming to the plate. Bunt with Chase Headley and Aaron Hicks. Do not bunt with Gregorius and Sanchez. Somebody tell Girardi, please.