Thursday, February 9, 2017

Already, NYC writers are focusing on 2018

Plight of the Yankee Fan, 2017
Anybody out there have an old cryonic suspension freezer that they're not using? I'm willing to pay market value for "pre-owned," especially if it comes in midnight blue. I'll lie down, read "Goodnight, Moon," go to sleep and wake up in 2018, after the asteroid strike, when the Yankees are leading their three-team league.

Today, Rupert Murdoch's Ken Davidoff - wait, let me rephrase - Jerry Hall's Ken Davidoff outlines the candidates to be "OFFICIAL ACE OF THE 2018 NEW YORK YANKEES," - sort of the pitching version of Bigelow Tea. Apparently, the immediate season is just too depressing for a 400-word news hole. We're already looking ahead to the post-A-Rod Yankee Dystopia of free agents, international imports and James "Katfish" Kaprielian.

Meanwhile, Fox Sports is humping Brian Cashman's four off-season "mulligans," which mostly decry his inability to trade Jacoby Ellsbury for - well - a good cryonic tank. Is it just me, or as training camp nears, is the reality of a middling Yankee team starting to sink in?


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Steinbrenner said that the Yankee goal is to get under the luxury tax...not win the World Series or the pennant. With the team cASSman put together, the Yankees don't have a chance and it's rather obvious management doesn't give a hoot about the fans. El Cheapo has made comments hoping that he can fool the fans to continue to fill the seats and spent their hard earned dollars so that he and his siblings can continue to live off the Yankees. It's rather obvious that winning is second only to breathing is no longer in vogue! Stay away Yankee fans!! -m

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Mike said...

I'm going to cling to my foolish hope that the young guys get a fair shot, whether they end up doing well or not. I'd look forward to tuning in every night to listen to the action, even if it meant a lot of mistakes and growing pains. I can accept growing pains with empathy.

On the other hand, I expect the clowns running the show to do everything they can to continue the drive toward pseudo-thrifty mediocrity. In this case past performance seems an almost bankable indicator of future results. Prospects traded; pitchers used too much, not at all, or otherwise incorrectly; managerial machismo posing as The Thinker and found sorely lacking. I fully expect these and much, much more.

The sad thing is, I'd be okay with either of these scenarios. As Warren Zevon said, I'd rather feel bad than not feel anything at all... though the last few years haven't felt like anything at all. A little distant, dull anger but mostly nothing.
Can anyone say "Toby Harrah"?

KD said...

agree with ALL CAPS. the 81 win prediction was a bitter shot of reality. that plus the team all but admitting our Bird has a broken wing.

Alphonso said...

Keep in mind, y'all, that Hal ( and the Steinbrenner family ) are all good friends with our new President. Accordingly, we are likely to hear lots of alternate truths when it comes to the Yankees this year ( Hal always learns from a " master.").

One alternative truth is that this is already competitive team ( our three named starters notwithstanding ).

A second alternative truth is that the young men we traded for last year ( Brian's supposed coup ) will see the stadium this year, and make a difference to the team's ability to beat Boston, or Toronto, or Baltimore or that other one in our division.

A third alternative truth is a tale of how good Joe Girardi is at managing and developing young prospects.

A fourth AT ( can we call them AT's?) is that we are happy to have Jacoby, Gardy, and that third baseman of ours.

A fifth AT, soon to be issued, is that Bird-man is 100% and rarin' to go.

I could easily extend this list, but it is time for a bloody mary with Kelly Anne Conway.

Just note; 81 wins will be an upside surprise.

This season is over. A bad wind is blowing over the field.

I'm Bill White said...

The Yankees should fire Joe Girardi and replace him with the computer from the early-80s film, War Games, which I believe was called WOPR: War Operation Planned Response. Suz and John could say "boy . . . two on, two out, tired pitcher, tie game in the bottom of the eighth, the WOPR's really got to think about this next move. . . ."