Thursday, February 16, 2017

Yankees bring in Jameis Winston to talk to their prospects

His message: Don't rape women, I guess. 

Or maybe: Keep a good lawyer on retainer.

Inspiring speaker? Huh. Maybe I'm missing something. Isn't Winston, the great football hero, the guy who skated on the sexual assault charges that weren't even investigated at the outset? Didn't Florida State University eventually pay an alleged rape victim $950,000 to settle out of court, so the big man on campus could go to the NFL?

Wait, maybe I'm confusing Winston's sexual assault case with his shoplifting charges, which required him to do a few mere hours of community service. Or when he climbed on a table and shouted "Fuck her in the pussy." Or the bee-bee gun incident. Or... what's the ratio of reported to unreported incidents? One to 10?

Gee, it's all so confusing, trying to figure out the inspiring message that Jameis Winston could pass on to these Baby Bombers - talking about girls, five hundred dollar handshakes, alumni boosters and the American justice system. 

But I can certainly understand why the Yankees would choose him to speak: 

Aroldis Chapman wasn't available. 


John M said...

I think they brought in Winston instead of going with Chapman because most of the young 'uns don't have garages yet.

Anonymous said...

Shucks, it's obvious: another motive - - a strong one - - for the players to want to become a STAR: when you're famous, you can do anything (to women) you want: you can grab 'em by the pussy, anything - - nothing's off-limits!

Now honestly, fellow IIH'ers - - didn't you ever wanna' do that - - in your fantasies?? I think I did, but it was so damned long ago, I cannot recall, precisely what I said or did....hmmmm....maybe that qualifies me for a job in the new administration, huh?? LB (No J)

Alphonso said...

Brian Cashman arranged it. He has such insight.

Trump wasn't available, and many of the nation's worst criminals are still doing time.

Attilla The Hun is long dead.

Not a lot of inspirational choices for our GM.